Southmayd woman hit, killed by truck on Thanksgiving

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SOUTHMAYD, Tex. (KXII) -- The woman hit by a truck on Highway 56 in Southmayd Thanksgiving night has died.

"We never want anything like this to happen, but around the holidays it makes it worse for the family members," Southmayd Police Chief Chad McKee said.

Police said 31-year-old Nikki Crisp got into an argument with another person as they were driving down Highway 56 Thursday night.

Police said once the vehicle stopped, Crisp got out and started walking along the highway. That's when a truck traveling east didn't see Crisp and hit her.

She was flown to the hospital, where she later passed away.

Now her death is serving as a tragic lesson. Southmayd Police Chief Chad McKee said don't walk near the highways, especially at night.

"If you walk in the roadway, walk against traffic and wear lighted clothing and make sure, if possible, you're walking where there's light," McKee said.

Crisp leaves behind three children, a 7th and 8th grader and a 1-year-old.

"She always plays with us and it was a sad time," neighbor Maddie Belcher said.

Crisp's neighbors tell us she loved playing outside with her children and always included the other neighborhood kids like 11-year-old Maddie Belcher.

"She would always come outside and play with us and play on the trampoline and play volleyball with us," Belcher said.

Belcher and her family said they are clinging to prayer in this time.

"I'm gonna be praying for them at nighttime and during the day and I think everyone else should too," Belcher said.

Police said the driver of the vehicle that hit her is not going to be charged because it was an accident.