Special needs basketball player shows off his skills in final home game

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MILBURN, Okla. (KXII) - Milburn High School freshman Caisen Justice, who has Down syndrome, appeared in several games for the Eagles this season, scoring many baskets along the way.

But in the last home game, he hit his first career three pointer.

"It was a good shot, and he was excited," said Whitney Bivings, Caisen's mother.

After the end of the 4th quarter at Milburn home games this season, Milburn and their competition would agree to put two minutes on the clock, all for Caisen.

"He'll be able to tip the ball off, and really just have his own two minutes to do whatever he wanted to do. He would play defense and everything, he'll steal the ball, dribble it up the court," said Milburn basketball coach Preston Converse.

With 5 seconds left of their last home game against Achille High School, Caisen's coach and teammates wanted him to try something he hadn't done all year.

"I was yelling over at the bench saying 'Shoot a three! Shoot a three! Shoot a three!'" said Converse.

Caisen then took the shot without hesitation.

"And he dribbles up, pulls it, and there it went. As soon as he made it, I rushed on the court and grabbed him, gave him a big ol' bear hug," said Converse.

A shot that not only impressed his teammates, but also the competition.

"He threw that three up, it popped the net, and our kids went ecstatic for him. I was really proud of them," said Achille coach Brandon Allen.

"Whenever it comes to him, I love the sportsmanship that we had. Not just our team from Milburn, from Achille too. Everyone just encouraged him to do the best he could," said Bivings.

As for Caisen, he says his next goal is to play baseball for Milburn in the spring.