Speeds reach 140 MPH in chase through Love County Tuesday morning

LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - It was on northbound I-35 in Thackerville where police clocked a car going 120 miles an hour and gave chase that put a Louisiana man in the Love County jail.

It began around 12:45 Tuesday morning.

Thackerville police unit dash cam shows officers chasing the car to exit 21 where the suspect, Lakendric Rugley, made a U-turn on a ramp, heading south on Hwy 77 toward Marietta and making another U-turn in town going back north on 77.

Sheriff Marty Grisham said the police cars were having trouble keeping up with Rugley, with the chase reaching speeds near 140 miles an hour.

"The Dodge chargers go anywhere from 140 to 150," Grisham said. "The Dodge Chargers were having a hard time keeping up with this vehicle. They were staying close enough until they got to the dirt roads, dusty roads. They actually lost sight of it in the dust."

Officers followed dust trails to a field where they found the car, but Rugley and his girlfriend ran away.

Officers searched through the night, even bringing in a K9 unit from Chickasaw Lighthorse Police.

"The dog did get a sniff and followed, tracked these two to a creek that had water," Grisham said. "And the dog lost its scent then."

There were no signs of the Rugley until officers got a report of a stolen Jeep from a home on Testerman Road around 6:30 a.m., just a couple miles away from where the first car was abandoned.

Rugley rammed through fences getting back to the interstate and drove the Jeep to Ardmore, later driving south on I-35.

The owners of the Jeep said Rugley the Jeep did not have the doors on it but Rugley tried to put them back on.

He was only able to get the front doors on, but not the back doors, an abnormal look for a Jeep, according to the owners.

Two Carter County deputies working an accident recognized the peculiar Jeep and pulled them over, taking Rugley and his girlfriend into custody.

He faces several charges including destruction of property, auto theft and reckless driving.

His girlfriend was released after questioning.

The Love County Sheriff's Office did not have a reason yet as to why Rugley was driving so fast in the first place.

"Everything turned out good," Grisham said. "We've got the suspect in jail and nobody hurt."

Love County Sheriff's Office is still investigating and said there may be more charges to come.