State authorities test water after dead fish found in Marshall County pond

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "I love looking down here at this pond, and right now I'm disgusted with it," Kingston Resident Eileen Swartz said.

Swartz started noticing bubbles in the pond near her home at Washita Point last week.

"It looks horrible, just this morning I was looking out the big window and it looked like it was raining," Swartz said. Like literally raining and it was just air bubbles coming out of the water."

After that, hundreds of fish began floating and at first she suspected poison.

But Durant State Fish Hatchery Supervisor Matt Mauck says fish kills are all too common this time of year.

"This is a natural event that happens, it's not a result of anything that somebody has done to the pond," Mauck said.

Mauk says when the water heats up, algae blooms develop.

"As algae blooms die, we see a depression of the oxygen levels within ponds, and it can ultimately lead to fish kills," Mauck said

"I'm surprised the turtles are still in there and the ducks are still swimming in there, because it's pretty bad," Swartz said

Mauck says tests showed extremely low levels of oxygen in this instance, he blames the heat and nothing else.

"This is an isolated pond, it doesn't affect other water bodies around it," Mauck said. We have had similar calls in the last week or two, and this hot weather has set in and algae levels have crashed in other ponds, but it certainly doesn't affect other ponds in the area."

It can also be caused by too much fertilizer running into the pond.

"People should just be careful about not over-fertilizing the watershed around their pond," Mauck said. Especially in residential areas with a lot of yards."