Stonewall Schools lockdown a 'precaution'

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Stonewall Schools Superintendent Kevin Flowers says schools were locked down Thursday as a precaution.

"The school had received information from one of the students, that he heard that someone was gonna shoot up the school," Sheriff John Christian said.

"I was wondering what was really going on," a parent said.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian says they got the call around eight Thursday morning

He says officers arrived within minutes.

"The superintendent made the decision to immediately lock down the school, until it was determined exactly if there was any validity to that statement," Christian said.

Christian says they were told a parent who was arrested Wednesday night, made the threats.

He says after questioning the man, they realized it was a misunderstanding, fueled by rumors on Snapchat, a popular social media app.

"The kids took that and changed the context of that and eventually that story grew to what is was that caused the school to be locked down," Christian said.

Christian tells us students must understand the severity of school threats, especially after Wednesday's shooting in Florida.

"After yesterday you heighten your awareness and actions are immediately taken to make sure that everybody's safe," Christian said.

The sheriff has this message for parents with kids on social media.

"Know what your children are transmitting and what they're receiving," He said.


A Pontotoc County school was on lockdown for about three hours Thursday morning after school officials were notified of possible threats being made.

Stonewall Schools Superintendent Kevin Flowers says they locked down the district around 8 a.m,

Flowers says he was alerted of rumors of possible threats that were being made Wednesday night.

At this time, the superintendent isn't confirming what those threats were, or who made them.

Flowers said the the lockdown was just a precaution.

Local law enforcement is investigating

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