Stores in Oklahoma running out of beer in preparation for higher point beers

DURANT, OK. (KXII)-- It's the last call for light 3.2 beer in Oklahoma.

For stores like Stop-N-Shop mini mart in Durant, the owner is looking forward to the big change.

Kamal Adhikary who works at the Stop-N-Shop says, "I have got new customers that say they're out of beer so I'm coming to your location".

Kamal says he is running low on beer since new orders aren't being placed in preparation for the first week of October.

He believes local businesses like his will begin to benefit financially since customers will no longer have to travel to Texas to purchase their alcohol.

"Many people go to our neighboring state to buy high point beer instead of buying low point beer here".

Rhoda Taylor, a store customer said, "I think it'd be fine, I think it'd be fine instead of going all the way to Texas and getting it".

Other businesses like the Wine Cellar in Durant are also running out of beer.

They too stopped placing new orders in light of the changes coming soon. Racks that were once stacked with assortments of different beers, now are completely empty.

Joseph Beasley is a customer from Wine Cellar and said, "I would always just go buy full strength beer anyways, the only time I would drink Oklahoma beer is if I went to a bar or something".

Customers and store owners are excited about October 1st, and hope shelves are just as empty but for a different reason on that date.