Storm brings strong winds, damage to Lamar County community

POWDERLY, Tex. (KXII) -- Around four fifteen Wednesday morning, a storm carrying straight-line winds, a lot of lightening and even a little hail powered its way through Powderly, Texas, just north of Paris.

In just 15 minutes, the storm created enough damage that it will take days to clean up.

"I just woke up and there was a trampoline over there on their roof and this 20-foot tree is down in our driveway," said Jacob Langley, a home renter in one of the hardest-hit communities.

The national weather service confirms it wasn't a tornado, but straight line winds still packed a powerful punch...

"We started getting reports of trees down and roads blocked and stuff like that," said Powderly Volunteer Fire Chief Roger Bussell.

The damage put a damper on the morning commute for those in the Cripple Creek area, from 271 to the East two miles.

"My wife came and got me out of bed and said, 'I need you to move a tree limb for me,' and I came out and it was half a tree," said Langley.

Lamar Electric Co-op reports 350 houses were without power for a few hours due to four broken utility poles but as soon as damage reports came in, crews went to work.

"Typically, you hear them talk about how it sounds like a train coming through. They didn't say that's what it was, they said it was just a hallowing scream, bang and it was over with," said Bussell.

For those stuck inside their homes due to branches or outages, it was a good excuse to stay home.

Authorities say no injuries have been reported so far, but it's still going to take a while to get all these trees and other debris off the road and back to normal.