Storm causes damage to parts of Atoka County

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WILSON, Okla. (KXII)- When the storm rolled through Atoka County Tuesday morning, one family only had a few minutes to get to the storm cellar before several trees began crashing down around them.

"We were praying hard, all of us were praying," said Amy Stowe.
"It didn't last but about a minute there," said Paul Stowe.

The Stowes say they saw the storm forming near their house Tuesday morning, and jumped into the storm cellar before it closed in on their house.

"It looked like a tornado so that's when we hit the cellar," said Paul Stowe.
"We were in the cellar ready. We could feel the vibration in the cellar I guess when the trees fell. You could just feel the whole thing vibrating, it was scary," said Amy Stowe.

Atoka County Emergency Management Director Derrick Mixon says no one was injured in what they believe was a tornado in the Wilson community after seven in the morning.

A barn on Bob White Lane crushed from the storm is the only reported structural damage.

Mixon says there were three tornado warnings in the county Tuesday morning.

"The city of Atoka was included in one of those warnings and we set the sirens off for the city of Atoka," said Mixon.

Several trees and power lines were down blocking parts of Bob White Lane and Artesian Road.

Local volunteer fire departments in the area have since cleared the roads.

"We're tired of the storms. We're ready for them to be over with," said Amy Stowe.

This was reported to the National Weather Service as a tornado, but it will up them to determine if a twister actually touched down there.