Storm damages Pontotoc County home beyond repair

PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - A Pontotoc County family was inside their home when Sunday night's storms came through, damaging their roof and their house beyond repair.

"The trailer just started shaking and lifting and then everything slammed and then rain just started pouring in the trailer," Sharla Hatton said.

Sharla Hatton says she was home with her two grandkids and mother in law when the power started flickering Sunday night.

"I opened the door and I just saw a black cloud just barreling towards us," Sharla said.

Sharla says she and her grandkids ran to her mother in laws room that's just behind part of the roof that now hangs off the trailer.

"We could hear a lot of wind, a lot of tin banging and then it just sounded (like a) big loud boom and then the trailer quit shaking," Sharla said.

Sharla says rain damaged everything inside their home.

"All I could think of was my wife, grandkids and mom were in there and didn't know what to expect when I walked in the door but everybody was alright so the lord was looking over us," Ronnie Hatton said.

"We believe we had two brief tornado touchdowns as well as some good heavy straight line winds anywhere between 60 to 80 at times," Chad Letellier said.

Emergency Management Director Chad Letellier believes one of the brief tornadoes or a "gustnado" is responsible for the damages at the Hatton's home and at least seven other structures in the county.

Letellier says the family is being helped by the Red Cross who put them in hotel for a couple of nights.

"God was with us yesterday but we do need help," Sharla said, "For us, my mother in law, my daughter, grandkids, just anything is appreciated."

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