Mother and adopted son share story of struggle, forgiveness and love

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A story of an adopted son's love for his mother and birth mother had a local woman almost in tears as she was being served at Golden Corral Saturday.

"We were almost in tears, saying, wow this is an awesome story we've ever heard."

Debra Walsh was in for quite the story when she took her family to Golden Corral Saturday to celebrate Mother's Day-- and asked their waiter, 17-year-old Austin Lee, to snap their picture.

But it was Walsh who ended up snapping his picture ater hearing his life story, which she shared on Facebook later that day.

"He said, 'I'm adopted,' and then he started talking about his mom," Walsh said.

Austin's adopted mother Kristi Lee tells us she couldn't have children of her own. She met Austin's birth mother after getting in touch with a crisis pregnancy center in Oklahoma.

"We had a baby, he's amazing," Kristi said.

Austin was born with a club foot.

"With a club foot, your bones are deformed," Austin said. "My foot could wrap around somebody's arm, it was that bad."

He also had serious heart problems.

"My heart would stop beating 16-17 times a night, she would be awake until 4 a.m.," Austin said about Kristi.

Despite doctors telling him he may not be able to walk, "I proved them wrong a little bit," Austin said. "I play at Howe; I'm a football player, basketball, I do track."

Austin said his mother's love is what keeps him going.

"This is the best family I could possibly ask for," Austin said. "How much love they put into me. How much work they put into me to keep me alive, stable, to make sure I was in the best position."

Both said they're grateful for Austin's birth mother, too.

"She's an angel to me because she made this sacrifice," Kristi said. "She knew she wasn't capable of keeping this child, and she knew somebody was."

"There are so many options besides keeping your baby and raising it in a less than perfect world," Kristi added.

"They never ask for anything, that's what I love about mothers," Austin said.

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