Stray cattle impounded in Cooke County

Published: Mar. 28, 2019 at 11:16 AM CDT
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The Cooke County Sheriff's Office impounded 19 stray cattle Wednesday.

Veda Reed lives on County Road 142 right off Highway 82.

She didn't mind county officials using her pasture to impound the cattle, but she's not too thrilled about the hoof prints and tracks she'll have to patch up.

"It was kind of a rodeo round-up," Reed said.

Reed said cattle roaming County Road 142 is nothing out of the ordinary.

So she wasn't surprised to see 12 cows and seven calves around the neighborhood for the past couple days.

"It was either one yard or the other yard, just running around," Reed said.

Cooke County Sheriff Terry Gilbert said a person called his office saying they found all 19 on Highway 82.

By the time deputies got there, the caller himself had moved the cattle to the county road so they wouldn't be hit by a car.

Some are branded, all have ear tags, but Sheriff Gilbert said they don't know who they belong to.

After getting Reed's permission, Wednesday sheriff's deputies and cowboys on horses rounded up the cattle using the pen in her backyard.

"I'm used to being around cows and stuff, so I know how wild they can get. Especially when you get them hemmed up," Reed said.

She said they pinned the cattle against her electric fence, then loaded them into a trailer.

Except for one calf who jumped out and left their mark.

"They messed up my front yard," Reed said.

The stray cattle are in the sheriff's custody at an undisclosed location for their protection.

For Reed's neighbors, James and Jane Hayes, wandering cows are common.

"There's pasture all around of us, so sometimes they'll come through the gate or come through the fence out there," James said.

Sheriff Gilbert said if the owners are found, they won't get fined or charged.

But they will have to pay the price for capturing and boarding the cattle.

"The strange thing is they don't know who owns them," Jane said.

"I'm sure somebody's going to be looking for them," Reed said.

Sheriff Gilbert said if there's still no owner by April 19, they'll be auctioned to the public at the Gainesville Livestock Barn.

If you have any information, call the Cooke County Sheriff's Office at 940-665-3471.


Posted by Cooke County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, March 28, 2019