Stray dogs maul, kill Ardmore family's horse

Published: Jan. 4, 2019 at 10:23 PM CST
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Leanne Wilson has lived on Brock road, southwest of Ardmore, for more than 20 years and said her heart was broken when her only horse died.

"To see that happen to one of our animals was a shock," Brock said. "It makes you very much aware of your surroundings now and not take anything for granted."

Lately, Wilson has noticed two German Shepherds running around on her land, sometimes harassing livestock.

Tuesday morning, Wilson and her husband found their horse, Blackjack, had been attacked and saw paw prints in the mud around the horse's body.

"We actually saw the dog leaving the area when we came up," Wilson said. "So, he has obviously been taking part in the killing of it."

One of the dogs was also hanging around as Wilson and her husband were burying the horse.

Wilson said she got Blackjack 10 years ago from her father-in-law, who died two years ago. The horse was around 35 years old when it died.

"It was sentimental to us because it was the last living animal we had that was a connection to him," she said. "We were really sad to see that happen to him."

With the dogs still at large and no animal control for rural Carter County, Wilson is worried that the dogs could attack other livestock, even people in the area.

Murray County Game Warden Casey Young said there is not much law enforcement can do in the county.

Cleaning up vegetation around fences and gates to limit spots where predators can hide can help protect animals.

Hunting and trapping are also options for dealing with predatory animals.

If you live in the city, you can make animal reports to police and animal control. If you live in the county, contact the sheriff's office.

Wilson said she will not acquire any livestock for awhile and will take extra steps to protect her pets, only letting them out in her fenced yard.

"We just want to make sure everybody's aware of it and keep them safe," she said. "Double check your surroundings when you go out in the county over here."