Strong winds, rain leave behind damage, cause restaurants to close from boil order

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - High winds across Texoma have caused damage, and now a boil order for much of Sherman.

Wednesday mornings storm's burst through Texoma, damaging trees and power lines.

Now the ripple effects are being felt at local businesses, after a water main broke, which has shut down many restaurants and cafes.

A massive tree on Luella Road and LWSC Road was destroyed after up to 70 mile an hour winds ripped through Grayson County.

Neighbors tell us the tree has been there for decades.

Precinct one crews worked for hours with the road shut to clean it up.

And over in Whitewright, one woman woke up to a dark home and quite the surprise.

"We saw the trampoline on top of the pole."

Joanne Poletz's trampoline had flown up to the power lines, knocking power to many nearby.

It took crews a few hours to get it down.

"'m glad it's not worse, it could've been a lot worse," Poletz said.

Nobody was reported to be injured in the storms, but the heavy rains caused a Sherman water main to break around 6:30 a.m.

"When there's heavier soaking rains, it washes out, and the weight of the water causes the pipes to collapse," said Sherman city spokesman Nate Strauch.

A section of southeast Sherman is on a boil water notice because of it.

Many restaurants were forced to shut down.

Green Market's Café was just one of those affected.

"We'd already made all our food for our hot food bar, we had the salad bar out," said assistant manager Daniel Purcell. "We had to pull everything, shut it down. We had a ton of people asking for food, but we haven't been able to make anything."

But Purcell is staying positive.

"I hope we'll be back up and running tomorrow."

The boil order is set to be lifted by mid morning Thursday.

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