Confederate flags seen at school

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PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- Paris ISD's superintendent confirms some high school students brought confederate flags to school Tuesday.

Photos circulating on Facebook show those flags displayed on vehicles parked at Paris High.

Local civil rights activist Brenda Cherry said Tuesday the controversy started when she emailed the Paris superintendent Paul Jones on Monday with concern about one student she believed had driven a Confederate flag to school on the back of their truck for many days.

Tuesday, the situation gained more attention when more students joined in, prompting parents and activists on both sides of the issue to weigh in.

"These flags and these items are being used today are used racially," said one concerned mother of a PHS student. "They are symbols of racism, flags that are going to offend every black person there."

"Not a symbol for racism or a symbol of hate that it has been turned into," said southern heritage activist Donald Carr. "Originally, all it was was just a symbol to show that you are from the south."

Jones says he addressed the situation, but did not say whether or not the students have been disciplined.

He called the incident a, "unnecessary and unfortunate distraction to our educational environment".

Jones said Paris ISD has pride in its multicultural community.

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