Students and principals stick together to support kindergartner with epilepsy

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) -- Six year-old Noah can be described as a typical kid.

Noah and Northwest Heights principals

"For the most part he's a normal six year-old boy that likes to play cars and run around and be goofy," said Noah's mom Mallory Hansen.

But Noah faces some unique challenges.

"Noah was diagnosed with epilepsy, he started having seizures when was ten weeks old," Hansen said. "And we found out he has focal cortical dysplasia which basically means a part of his brain did not develop correctly in utero."

Which lead to developmental and speech delays making it harder for this six year-old to learn. Noah had surgery to remove some tissue from his brain when he was three, which stopped his seizures. But they recently returned. Now doctors said he'll need two more surgeries in the next few months.

"But so far he's excited that the doctors are going to help him," Hansen said.

Noah's classmates wanted to help, so they thought of a creative way to have fun and raise money for his medical expenses.

"Students were able to bring a dollar and purchase a piece of duct tape and they could each put their piece on and tape us to the wall," said Northwest Heights Elementary School Assistant Principal Delaine Brown.

Hundreds of pieces of tape and two and a half hours later, the Northwest Heights Elementary principals were hanging out for a good cause.

"The tape was on our clothing so I could kind of feel my body sliding down in my clothes and so that was a little bit different but we stayed up there after they pulled the crates out for a little bit," Brown said.

The stunt raised over 750 dollars for Noah's family.

"We just wish them the best and we're going to be praying for them and thinking of them during this entire process," Brown said.

"They've just gone above and beyond with what a school would do," Hansen said.

And for Noah, he's grateful for the support.

"Thank you," Noah said.

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