Students capture video of Fort Towson superintendent texting and driving a school bus

Published: Aug. 8, 2018 at 10:35 PM CDT
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The Oklahoma State Department of Education is looking into allegations that a local superintendent was talking and texting while driving a school bus.

Eleven high school softball players were on their way to an out of town game, and they recorded video.

The parents were outraged after seeing the video.

But what's not in the video, the students on board said the bus was swerving all over the road.

"He started texting on his phone and talking on his phone," Fort Towson student Breanna Self said, who was on the bus.

It's against the law in Oklahoma to be on the phone driving a school bus for any reason, except in an emergency.

Self's cousin, Trooper Nicholas Dees, was killed three years on a highway by someone texting and driving.

"And I didn't want my family to go through that again," Self said.

Ashley Burton's daughter took a picture and texted her, and later on...

"She called me and said you know Mom we're worried. She said he swerved so hard, he almost hit a truck. And she said it jarred all of us on the bus," Burton said.

So she followed behind the bus.

"He did go over the line several times, the white and yellow lines, both sides...not only a certified bus driver, but the school superintendent. I mean he's the highest level to be held," Burton said.

Charles Caughern is the Fort Towson superintendent.

When we called his office Wednesday afternoon, his secretary said he was out for the day.

"And then they're on the bus with the man that's supposed to be leading their school, and he's doing it right in front of them which is very wrong," said Chandy Abney, whose daughter was on the bus.

The first thing she did was contact the school board members.

Oklahoma State Department of Education said they are looking into the allegations.

"Because there's no price the superintendent could pay if everybody would've lost their lives due to texting and driving," Self said.

The parents have reported it to the Choctaw County Sheriff. They plan to meet with him tomorrow.

Caughern has not been charged.

But a trooper we talked to said he could face more than just a ticket. It's a misdemeanor offense that comes with up to a five hundred dollar fine.