Students help local non profit collect socks for those in need

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MILL CREEK, Okla. (KXII) -- A Southern Oklahoma non profit is collecting socks this winter for those in need, and a group of second graders has helped the organization reach its goal.

"All of these socks that you guys helped collect, they're going to go to some veterans," RSVP/INCA Community Services Director Wanda Gray said.

Second graders from Mill Creek elementary celebrated Tuesday afternoon after their class brought in more than 150 pairs of socks for a worthy cause.

"I wanted to help out," second-grader Joshua Banton said.

"Some people might need socks because some people might not have any because they might not have any money to buy some," second-grader Jenah Gloria said.

Gray says the school stepped up when the non profit announced it'd be collecting socks for the homeless and veterans.

Gray says they hoped to get at least 500 pairs of socks from the nine counties it serves.

Mill Creek School donated 542 pairs of socks, the majority came from the second grade class.

"If you go to any clothing bank or emergency clothing bank, the most requested item and the least donated item are socks," Gray said.

Second grade teacher Natalie Fisher has one of the smallest classes at Mill Creek, just 11 students, she says she's proud of her kids.

"The kids were very excited to help out, we had a week and they brought in all the socks that they could," Fisher said, "they were really excited to help people that don't have socks."

"It feels really good," second-grader Kendrik Alberston said.

"It feels excellent,"Banton said.

"When these kids heard, what this project was for, it just made their hearts full and they wanted a piece of that," Gray said

Gray says she's collected more than 1300 pairs of socks so far, more than double her goal

She plans to distribute the socks to the Ardmore homeless shelter, as well as the Ardmore and Sulphur veterans centers.

"Just give back to your community any way you can, whether it is your time, your service to another person or a pair of socks," Gray said.

Anyone wanting to donate can contact Wanda Gray at (580) 371-2352.

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