Sulphur couple loses home to fire

SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) - "When I woke up all I heard was Dustin, Dustin get out," neighbor Kresta Lofton said.

Kresta Lofton says she woke up early this morning to find her neighbors porch engulfed in flames.

"We heard popping sounds and then electrical sparks so I guess electrical caught on fire and started popping - kind of like fire crackers," Lofton said.

Dustin Burnside and his girlfriend were inside the home when the fire started.

"I was back in the backroom when I heard Lindsey scream and I go to her room and see the mattress, the corner of the mattress is on fire," Burnside said.

Burnside says he tried to put out the flames and ended up taking the burning mattress outside.

"Then I go back in the house and the whole wall was engulfed in the fire and I got trapped in it - in the hallway," Burnside said.

With the front half of his home on fire, Burnside says he then had to crawl on the floor and jump out of a window to escape from the flames.

"A few minutes later I heard Dustin say 'I'm out' so I know everyone was okay," Lofton said. "It was just like the whole front porch was on fire, it was all yellow, orange color and just a scary thought."

Burnside says they were able to salvage a few items and pieces of clothing but the home was ruled a total loss.

"I'm at a loss of words I don't even know what to say," Burnside said.

"If they need anything, just let us know we will be happy to help," Lofton said.

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