Sulphur family shares how blood donations impacted their lives

SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) - "It's not just a bag of blood, you are saving their life and neither one of them would be here without it," Crystal Gregory said.

Crystal Gregory says her husband, Cameron, was severely injured when a pump tank exploded while he was working in an oil field six years ago.

"He had maybe one pint of blood left and the medi-flight got there and had to fly him to Oklahoma City," Crystal said.

"From the top of my ear to the back of my chin, it peeled that side of the face over," Cameron Gregory said. "I had a hole going all the way through my abdomen. I lost some of my spleen, 10% of my liver, 8 inches of my colon."

Cameron made a full recovery but last month the family found themselves in need of blood donations again.

Their son, 5-year-old Tenner, became sick with what Gregory thought was a stomach virus but after seeing Tenner get progressively worse, she took him to the Emergency Room.

"He ran some test and he said well I think he has HSU - the Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome - which is developed from E Coli," Crystal said.

Tenner was taken to Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City where he was put on dialysis, receiving platelets and undergoing several blood transfusions.

"His blood wasn't clotting so he was just bleeding out of every tube, every IV hole," Crystal said.

"It was a little scary," Tenner said.

Gregory says doctors were able to treat Tenner before his kidneys shut down.

After about two weeks in the hospital and bags and bags of blood, Tenner is home, back outside playing with his siblings.

"Thankfully you know by their donations and God's mercy they're still here," Crystal said.

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