Suspect causes $5000 worth of damage to Yuba Fire Department

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YUBA, Okla (KXII)- The person who vandalized the Yuba volunteer fire department did not break into the building, but they did cause $5000 worth of damage to the facility.

"It makes me mad. Angry is actually a better word," said Yuba Volunteer Fire Department president Bob Pruitt.

On July 20th, surveillance video caught someone vandalizing the outside of the Yuba Volunteer Fire Department.

Because this is a volunteer fire department, no one knew this happened until Sunday.

The suspect broke lights, cameras, and an air conditioning unit when they were apparently trying to break in the building.

They get tax money from Bryan County and they hope insurance will cover some of the damage, but Pruitt said the volunteers will have to pay for at least some of the damage.

"This individual has cost individuals in the department money because we spend a lot of time and money doing the things we are doing the things we do in the building," said Pruitt.

They had been saving for new bunker gear but now that money will go to repairs too.

"We'll be putting off purchasing additional emergency equipment that we would use for the community because of this," said Pruitt.

The investigation into the vandalism is still ongoing, but Pruitt urges the community to help identify the suspect.

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