Suspect in Gunter debit card abuse caught in Amarillo

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GUNTER, Texas (KXII) -- Several Gunter residents reported money missing from their bank accounts.

Gunter police say within the past two days they've had half a dozen people call them letting them know they've fallen victim to debit card abuse.

"Most of those charges were in Amarillo,Texas. We contacted Amarillo after we received more information and they were able to find the suspect," Gunter Police Chief Shawn Johnson said.

Johnson said just a couple hours after he notified the Amarillo Police Department, the suspect was arrested.

His name is not being released.

"We're not certain how they got all the information. We don't know if it was skimmers."

Johnson says the victims lost anywhere from $50 to $600.

Several of the victims reported that they last used their cards at this Exxon gas station on State Highway 289.

Brooke Bennett says she hasn't had money stolen but knows someone who has, after using their card here.

"Not me personally but I remember my friend she had about $45 that was stolen off of her card," Bennett said.

Investigators have checked this gas station for skimmers.

"I went there yesterday afternoon, no skimmers were found," Johnson said.

Police are still trying to find out how the suspect gained people's card information and if they acted alone.

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