Suspected cop impersonator turns out to be misunderstanding

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Three teenagers were coming back from a school event Tuesday night when they thought they were getting pulled over by a fake cop.

The incident turned out to be a simple misunderstanding.

One of the girls took cell phone footage when they thought they were being pulled over.

Meanwhile, surveillance from the convenience store caught video showing a silver van following the car past the gas pumps.

In the video, there is a white flashing light coming from inside the car.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office says they spoke to the man driving the van Wednesday afternoon. They say the man heard screaming inside the car while the teens were getting gas.

The man turned on a strobe light that he had inside his car to get their tag number and planned to call 911 on his own. That was when the teens in the car became scared and drove off.

No one was arrested.

The father of the two girls, Nathan Hart, wants to use the moment as a lesson, in case this turned out to be worse.

"Have your kids fill up during the day, not be filling up at a gas station after hours," he said.

Hart's brother-in-law is a deputy. He says if you do get pulled over, look for blue and red lights coming from the top of law enforcement cars.

Anyone who is ever unsure can call 911 just to be safe.