Suspected grocery store robber caught

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Ada police say this is the man responsible for robbing the Apple Market two weeks ago.

Police say Brandon Standifer pointed a gun at the cashier, cocked it and demanded money.

Officer Joe Machetta says Standifer wanted to turn himself in.

"We got a call from a gentlemen that was pushing a man in a wheelchair, and while he was pushing the man in the wheelchair, the guy told him that he had pulled the Apple Market job," Machetta said.

The man pushed Standifer to the fire station, and then left to call police but he left before officers arrived.

Police got another call, this time from Citizen's Bank.

They were told a man in wheelchair wanted police to pick him up for warrants.

"I was able to review surveillance footage from Citizens Bank," Machetta said. I saw a male that looked to be either Hispanic or Indian and he was in a wheelchair."

But again, Standifer left before officers arrived.

But on Wednesday Machetta spotted a man (in a wheelchair) matching the description.

"While talking with him I asked him how he hurt himself, he claimed he played basketball and hurt his ankles that way," Machetta said.

That's when Machetta noticed his shoes.

"I took a picture of the shoe that the gentlemen was wearing, and it actually matched identical to the one in the surveillance video," He said.

Standifer is now in the Pontotoc County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

If convicted he faces life in prison.

His next court appearance is May 25.