Argument erupts at former Love County Sheriff's court appearance

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(UPDATE: 12/2/16 @ 6:15 p.m)

A standard court appearance in Marshall County turned heated after former Love County Sheriff Joe Russell and his attorney clashed with family of Molly Miller.

Molly Miller went missing along with Colt Haynes in Love County three years ago.

The Miller family believes Russell didn't do enough to investigate, because his nephew was a person of interest.

But on this day, he was in court for an entirely different reason... accused of harboring a fugitive and maintaining a meth house while serving as Sheriff.

"They're telling me, hey, this has nothing to do with what you're here for," Molly's grandfather Alex Miller said. "They don't understand, they just don't get that I'm here to see if the man is going to jail for breaking the law."

Russell's attorney later spoke with us on the phone.

"We certainly have a totally different perspective on the statements made by the grandfather," Brown said. "And we would love to respond, but there's a gag order in place and it's much more important for us to respect the gag order than respond."

Russell resigned from his office in October, following an agreement that allowed civil charges against him to be dropped. Russell will be back in court in Love County in late January.


(CORRECTION: A former version of the article states that Joe Russell is a suspended Marshall County sheriff. He was the former sheriff of Love County, resigning in October.)

UPDATE: 12/2/16 @ 2:27 p.m:

MADILL, Okla. (KXII) -- Former Love County Sheriff Joe Russell was in court on Friday, and there were some fireworks.

After court ended, a heated argument began between Molly Miller's family -- who were present -- and Russell's defense attorney broke out.

Miller went missing in Love County three years ago, and while Russell's charges are unrelated to that case, some believe he may have been involved in her disappearance.

Russell resigned in October, following a settlement with the county.

The state must make their case against Russell, who is accused of harboring a fugitive and maintaining a methamphetamine house, beginning January 24th.

The date was originally set for December 27, but there was a conflict with the attorney general's office.

We'll have that video of that altercation on News 12 at 6.

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