T-shirt fundraiser raising money for those affected by Denison fire

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - The Denison community is still rallying after the fire that took out homes and businesses just last week. The newest effort to help is a T-shirt fundraiser.

The shirt was designed by the Denison Arts Council and printed by another Main Street business, with all the money going toward the businesses and the families affected.

"Born and raised here, and having a store on Main is a big deal, we all work together," Hangin' T store owner Kimberlea Miller said.

Miller said as soon as she saw the fire across the street from her store, she knew she needed to do something.

"It kind of seemed like it happened fast and at the same time slow motion," Miller said.

Miller owns the Hangin' T, a T-shirt company across the street from the fire.

Miller said the Denison Arts Council came up with the design, and a non-profit called Downtown Denison Inc. will eventually reimburse her for the material costs, but right now the cost of producing the shirts is coming out of her pocket.

"There's a lot of loss and a lot of people that need help," Denison resident Mary Karam said.

One hundred shirts went out for sale Monday, at Main Street Mall and 301 Mercantile.

Karam bought a shirt Monday and said the fire brought out emotions she's felt before.

Karam said she lost her home to a fire decades ago.

"I go back and relive what happened with me and I know how serious it is," Karam said.

Karam said she knows from experience disaster can have a silver lining.

"There's probably nothing that can replace some of the things, but if they know that we care, that'll make a difference," Karam said.

Miller said the shirts are cash only, so the money can be given where it's needed immediately, and so business owners don't face credit card fees.

The shirts are $15 for small through extra-large and $20 for 2XL and up.

Miller said they have to print them at night because she's still running her business during the day.