Tax-free shopping in Oklahoma this weekend

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(KXII) - School is starting soon, and Oklahoma’s sales tax holiday begins this weekend.

This year the holiday will go from August 2 through August 4. During this weekend, shoppers will be able to purchase clothing and shoes priced under $100 per item. Items of clothing sold as a pair, such as shoes, cannot be purchased as separate items.

Items placed on layaway will only qualify for the holiday for payments made during the time period. Payments made outside of the time period will be subjected to sales tax.

Qualified items of clothing include:
• Aprons
• Athletic supporters
• Baby receiving blankets
• Bathing suits and caps
• Beach capes and coats
• Belts and suspenders
• Boots
• Coats and jackets
• Costumes
• Diapers
• Ear muffs
• Footlets
• Formal wear
• Garters and garter belts
• Girdles
• Gloves and mittens for general use
• Hats and caps
• Hosiery
• Insoles for shoes
• Lab coats
• Neckties
• Overshoes
• Pantyhose
• Rainwear
• Rubber pants
• Sandals
• Scarves
• Shoes and shoelaces
• Slippers
• Sneakers
• Socks and stockings
• Steel toed shoes
• Underwear
• Uniform, athletic and non-athletic
• Wedding apparel.

The sales tax holiday does not apply to clothing primarily designed for athletic use (dance shoots, cleated or spiked athletic shoes and ski boots), protective clothing and accessories.