Teacher uses hands to teach students

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Analynn Serrano has been the deaf education teacher at Crutchfield Elementary school for three years.

She spends most of her days in this classroom mastering the art of communication with her students using her hands.

But sometimes that can serve as a challenge.

"And I think that we do a good job with having access to language here on campus," Crutchfield Elementary deaf education teacher Analynn Serrano said. "I've got pictures and labels on everything. I don't know if you noticed the school that I've got labels and pictures on everything."

Serrano teaches six students from grades kindergarten to fourth grade on a variety of subjects.

All of her students are either deaf or hard of hearing and use sign language as their line of communication.

Some of Serrano's students have come into class with not knowing a language, so she works on making sure she can communicate with her students.

"Sometimes they come in with no language and so they come here and have to learn language before they can read and before they can write, they've got to be able to learn how to think," Serrano said.

Staff members at Sherman ISD appreciates the effort Serrano puts into with her students and their families.

"So in a class like Miss Serrano's, it is very important that she gets to know the children and she has a relationship with the families and the kids and she understands what their needs are and wow does she understand what their needs are," Sherman ISD assistant superintendent Susan Whitenack said.

No task comes easy when it comes down to teaching students in the classroom, but the special bond that Serrano has for her students is what makes her teaching experience at Crutchfield Elementary an unforgettable one.

"We've had our ups and we've had our downs that I've really enjoyed teaching here. I love my students," Serrano said. "I have really felt the support from my staff and my leadership here so I've really enjoyed it. I feel fortunate to have been here in Sherman."

Serrano hopes to see the deaf education program at Sherman ISD continue to grow.