Teachers care for kids outside the classroom

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HUGO, Okla. (KXII) -- "We're just making sandwiches and in the process of feeding some of our children in the community that we feel would have been, maybe not had food this week," said Shelby Koonce, sack lunch volunteer and former Hugo Schools superintendent
Teachers and volunteers have gathered all week at the First Baptist Church to make lunches.

"I'm glad that they bought us those sack lunches and stuff," said Corey, a Hugo fifth-grader.

Many kids rely on the lunch they get at school but when the walkout started Monday, that meal was in jeopardy.

"It's helpful and to know that our teachers, even though we're out of school right now, our teachers have enough love and support for their students to come pass out lunches on their own free time," said a mom of Hugo students.

So teachers and volunteers from the church went to work.

"Our pastor's very supportive and we've had some of our church members helping with the project so it's been very good," said Koonce.

Parents are relieved by the show of support.

"If this doesn't show anything else about these teachers making a difference for our kids in this community, then nothing else would," said a mother of Hugo students.

A sentiment their students echo.

"They're doing the right thing. They're trying to help us and they're trying to help Hugo," said a Hugo student.

Volunteers say if the walkout goes past this week, so will they.

"If this continues, we'll be right here," said Koonce.

This mom says it's one more way the teachers in Hugo are putting the kids first.

"It let us know that some of the teachers really do care about their students to make sure that they're fed for lunch, even though they're not getting the education right now. Which is totally understandable, pay our teachers, they deserve it," she said.