Teen hospitalized following crash, family says it's a miracle he's recovering

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"If you know Braiden, you love Braiden," Michelle Williams said.

Williams is 17 year-old Braiden William's mom. She told us her son has a gentle heart and is a talented in music, basketball and rodeo.

"He won the heading saddle, he won the healing average, he won the shoot dogging saddle, the tie down reserve buckle, he won the all-around saddle," Williams said.

However, it will be a long time before Braiden will be back in that saddle. Wednesday night, he broke his back in an accident.

"When he tried to get back on the road he lost control and the truck ended up flipping and going on the opposite side of the road and threw him from the truck," Williams said.

Williams said her son was on his way home from the Durant livestock sale when the accident happened off state highway 78 in Achille.
Troopers said Braiden was not wearing his seat belt and the cause of the crash was inattention, but don't know what distracted him. His mom said Braiden may have been lying on the ground for a half hour before paramedics were alerted.

"I have a big spot of blood on my knee where I knelt down by him and we just talked for a minute and he said, 'Mamma I broke my back,'" Williams said.

Williams said her son couldn't move and didn't have feeling in his legs when he was flown to a Plano hospital.

"They had to fuse his T-2 to T-6 and he had a spinal cord compression at T-6," Williams said. "He also broke five ribs and his sternum."

She said Braiden now has sensation and movement in his legs, but still has a long road of recovery ahead.

"We've seen the hand of God on this child from the time he was a baby," Williams said. "He has done amazing things with music, people, his heart his character, he's an amazing kid. I just want to thank everyone for their love and support they've shown."

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