Teen surprises friend with special needs by asking her to prom

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 6:23 PM CST
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One Honey Grove girl, living with cerebral palsy, got asked to prom in a unique way.

"I was shocked," said Honey Grove High School junior Kelci Phipps.

She had no idea Cooper sophomore Jaxson McGuire would be asking her to prom.

They've been friends for around three years now.

"It means a lot," Kelci said.

Kelci has cerebral palsy, motor skills are challenging for her.

She's confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn't stop her from playing Special Olympics basketball, buddy baseball and dancing.

"Every time she comes over, we're always dancing. She always wants me to dance with her," McGuire said.

Kelci planned on asking McGuire to prom on a different day, but he had something else in mind.

"I think everybody should deserve a happy moment and memory in high school," McGuire said.

"For him to step up and just want to do this for her. It means everything," Kelci's mom Lynette Phipps said.

"I helped get her ready and stuff. Fix her hair, put some makeup on," said Kenzi Phipps, Kelci's twin.

Kelci shows rabbits for Future Farmers of America, so McGuire brought a stuffed animal bunny and a sign.

He set up in a friend's yard, and friend's and family stood in front of him until she arrived.

"The look on her face, let me tell you. Oh my goodness," McGuire said.

"She talked about it the whole way home. She was like I got a hot date," Lynette said.

"With her being special needs, you don't always think about that moment happening for her. She has a twin and she gets to experience all that, and Kelci doesn't always get to experience that," Lynette said.

Her mom said Kelci and McGuire's story of friendship sets an example for others.

"Even if they are different from you, that's okay because they're still special people and special inside," Lynette said.

"I'm more honored than she thinks. Man I'm honored to take her," McGuire said.