Teenage runaway lies about alleged kidnapping

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MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) -- Authorities in Love County jumped into action Tuesday afternoon to find a man suspected of kidnapping a teenage girl out of Kansas. But that teenage girl later admitted to making the story up.

"Wow, what's going on here? I thought." Truck driver Zoltan Raffai said.

Raffai was resting at a Valero in Marietta Tuesday, when he saw police and crime scene units processing a car in the parking lot.

"I was alarmed immediately because the lady went inside," Raffai said. "Maybe somebody was murdered, or somebody died or something like that."

Love County deputies and other local agencies were investigating after finding a 16-year-old girl walking southbound along I-35 just outside of town, who alleged she was driving to school in Kansas when a man hiding in her backseat forced her to drive "as south as possible."

"Accusations like that, from a 16-year-old female, in this day and time, you have to look into it, and you have to be sure a crime has not been committed," Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham said. "And fortunately in this case, there hasn't been."

Just an hour and a half after finding her, Grisham says she admitted to deputies that she had made the story up, and that she had just runaway from home before running out of gas.

Grisham estimates the lie cost the county nearly $2,000 in resources, but says he isn't upset.

"I think about the expense, and the manpower hours, and the possibility of someone possibly getting hurt out here. Don't dwell on it," Grisham said. "The young lady's safe, and all is going to end well as far as that goes."

And Raffai agrees.

"The police they made very important reaction," Raffai said. "I appreciate it, and God Bless her, and her family, I hope everyone will be okay."

Grisham says the girl will not face charges. Her mom has driven down and picked her up.

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