Teens arrested after string of burglaries

Published: Aug. 15, 2016 at 5:03 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla.-- Two teenagers have been arrested after burglarizing cars and houses in one Ardmore neighborhood early Sunday morning.

Jane May has lived here on Overland Route for over 30 years, and never used to lock the gate to her backyard. But she does now...

"I think its a sad indication of our times," May said. "We've had very little, very little trouble out here [until recent events]."

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Ardmore police say two teenagers broke into one home and caused $15,000 in damage to electronics and property. Police responded and were waiting for crime scene investigators when they got a call about a burglar alarm going off at a house nearby.

Officers caught the two teens trying to run when they tried to to break into a third home and turned them over to juvenile services.

Police also found three cars that, left unlocked, were broken into. Ardmore police Captain Keith Ingle says they recovered $2,000 in stolen property.

"I'd advise everyone to keep your cars locked." Ingle said. "As far as your homes, to help protect it, I'd make sure it's well lit and night."

When May woke up Sunday morning, she noticed her backyard gate was open, the storage unit in her car port was opened and her husband's car door wasn't completely shut. She says she was one of the lucky ones, to lose what only amounts to a few dollars.

"I feel fortunate because one or two of our neighbors had their homes vandalized rather extensively." May said.

Ingle says police are still working to sort through all the stolen property, but says residents can help by checking their cars and putting together a list of items... if they believe any to be stolen.