Tempers flare at Achille city council meeting

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- During the Achille city council meeting Tuesday night, local law enforcement asked council members Bryan Baker and Lynn Chambers to sign a conflict of interest form to not vote on anything related to the police department because the two are under investigation. That's when Baker spoke out against what he was asked to do.

"I am sick of being in the news every three weeks!" said Baker, slamming his hand on the counter after police told him there is evidence that he's discussed city policy with Chambers outside of public meetings.

This comes a month after Chambers and four others were arrested in Chambers' home on charges of meth trafficking and possession of illegal weapons.

Billie Hughes, another council member, pointed out Baker had a previous run-in with the law.

"I said to him 'What about what you've done?' And he goes that's none of my business and said 'we'll sue you,' I have nothing. If they want to sue, go ahead and sue," said Hughes.

In 2011 Baker was arrested for rape, but he was acquitted of the crime the following year.

"Beating on the table up here, and screaming, no it shouldn't have happened like that," said Hughes.

When we asked Baker to speak about what happened, he declined to comment.

Chambers did not return the calls we made to him.

Achille mayor David Northcutt, says he apologizes on behalf of the whole council for the behavior at Tuesday nights meeting.

"The five trustees will come together and work in a professional manner to make sure the business of the town is running as efficiently and as best as it can be," said Northcutt.

Northcutt has called for a special town hall meeting next Tuesday to address the issues brought up in the last meeting.