Texas Gov. signs executive order postponing all non-essential surgeries, procedures

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order Sunday evening.

"The goal is for us to be able to identify who has it so we can isolate those people so that they do not spread COVID-19 or coronavirus to anybody else," Gov. Abbott said.

The order prevents group gatherings larger than ten people, calls for the shutting down of all restaurants and bars, and asking all medical professionals to postpone all procedures that are not medically necessary.

"Dentists or any health care professionals any licensed health care facilities to do any procedures that can be postponed for a month," said Dr. Sam Nechakimkin. "Because he wants to keep the ER's clear for patients who may be sick with this coronavirus."

Gov. Abbott is also asking medical professionals to donate all extra materials to area hospitals.

Dr. Sam Neshamkin owns a dental practice in Sherman. He's encouraging all other local businesses to temporarily close and donate.

"Every facility is struggling to have enough PPE. We don't have enough gowns, we don't have enough masks," said Trish Woos, the Chief Clinical Officer at WNJ Regional Medical Center in Sherman.

"We're literally counting the number of gloves and the number of masks used each day, hoping that we have what we need."

Woods said there is a world-wide personal protection equipment shortage, including equipment like gloves, gowns, and masks.

She said it's very important to stay home, stay calm, and donate if you can.

"So anything anyone wouldn't be using that could share, we would definitely take it." said Woods.