Texas Ranger impostor tried to lure woman into Denison park

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- It happened around 9:45 Wednesday night. A woman was driving home from work when she spotted red and blue police lights on a black SUV behind her.

She told police she pulled over near the Loy Lake Road and US 75 intersection and a man came up to her window, claiming to be a Texas Ranger.

"(He) Said that she was speeding and her tag light was burned out and told her if she would pull into a nearby park, that he would not write her a ticket," said Denison Police spokesperson Lt. Mike Eppler.

And she said the man looked the part of a Ranger, a white pressed shirt and black slacks and even flashed some type of badge.

But the woman just happened to be on the phone with a friend who works in law enforcement.

"She happened to be on the phone with someone who is a friend who is a law enforcement officer not around here," Lt. Eppler said. "That person expressed to her that doesn't sound like it's a real officer so she drove off."

She then reported the exchange to Denison Police.

Impersonating a public servant is a third degree felony and if convicted, the impersonator could face a ten-thousand dollar fine and ten years behind bars.

But police said if you have doubts whether someone is a law enforcement officer, ask for an I.D. or call 911.

"Every officer is required to carry identification, department identification and we're required to show them if we're asked," Lt. Eppler said.

The impostor can be described as a white man with a red beard.

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