Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces phase 2: plans to reopen the state

TEXAS, (KXII) - "Today, tomorrow and every day going forward...is one step closer to finding a cure for COVID-19."

That's what Texas Governor Greg Abbott Monday, as he announced the beginning of phase two.

Abbott said until that day comes, their focus is on reopening the state, safely.

"Starting immediately, child care services are able to open." said Gov. Abbott.

Abbott said child care facilities can reopen as soon as Monday.

In his previous order, Abbott said those facilities were only open to essential workers' children.

And later this week:

"Bars, wine tasting rooms, craft brewers and similar businesses can open at a 25% capacity." Gov. Abbott said.

Bars across Texas can begin to let people inside and restaurants can allow more people inside to 50% capacity.

"Pro golf, auto racing, baseball, softball, tennis, football and basketball." said Gov. Abbott.

Gov. Abbott said professional sports can resume practice in Texas on May 31st, and can host games without spectators on June 15th.

"On may the 31st, youth sports camps and programs like little league will be also be able to open. I want you to know that parents will be able to spectate, as long as social distancing is followed." Gov. Abbott said.

The governor excluded Amarillo and El Paso from the order, stating that they are hot spots and will need to push back reopening phase two for another week.

"As we open up, we must continue to place health and safety first and foremost." said Gov. Abbott.