Texoma Expo Livestock Show kicks off with "Agrobotics" event

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - The Texoma Livestock Expo is officially underway, but the first event of the day had nothing to do with the animals.

The robots built by the kids in the Youth Agrobotics Challenge took three months to complete. Kids in elementary school all the way through high school build and program them to simulate tasks in agriculture.

"Decreasing workloads on humans ourselves, and having other things for us. From biology, we are learning about things that are functioning around us," said Ruben Hernandez, a sophomore at Tioga High School.

"It really builds strong connections, and it kind of taught us to be competitive, but very kind to each other," said Sawyer Clayton, a 4th grader at Sory Elementary.

This is the second year of the event, and this year's theme is titled "Native Bee Challenge".

Teams of students build robots from LEGO's and use them to simulate jobs around a bee farm such as collecting pollen and honey, and removing hives.

"Really, we're wanting our kids to become better engineers and feel confident about their abilities to be engineers, and learn how to use technology," said event coordinator Tamra McGoughy.

First place gets $100 dollars, and second place wins $50 bucks,
it all goes directly to their schools' robotics programs.

"In some way or another, it indirectly ties into everyone's normal life. Without bees, we wouldn't have a large group of food we currently eat," said Hernandez.