Texoma Livestock Expo hosted the third annual 'Showing with Heart'

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- Mati Abner started the Showing with Heart livestock show when she was a senior at Howe High School in 2017, and she says she has seen this event grow more and more every year.

"These kids love it, they get so excited, they look forward to it year to year," said Abner.

Abner, who is now a sophomore at Texas A&M, says 60 kids from five schools in Grayson County participated in the first year.

This year, 153 students from 14 schools showed off some pigs, goats, and rabbits at Loy Lake Park.

In the past three years, Abner has knocked on doors and pounded the pavement to get several sponsors to help pay for the t-shirts, lunch, and programs for the show.

With their help, and the help of FFA and 4H members, the kids get to share one of Abner's favorite experiences.

"I grew up showing pigs since I was in the third grade, and I just had this want to with some inspiration from some other schools," said Abner.

Denison High school student Lindsey Lovell is one of the participants, and she has shown her animals every year.

"Showing an animal because I really love animals a lot, and being here with my friends," said Lovell.

"Whenever I look out at the crowd before we get started, I'm just like wow, like this is amazing. So many excited faces, so many smiles its just a really great feeling inside. Just to know that these students are getting an opportunity they will cherish forever," said Abner.