Texoma Night to Shine is a night to remember

HONEY GROVE, Tex. (KXII) - Friday night at over 700 churches around the world, those young and old with special needs were honored with a very special Night to Shine.

"Working with folks with special needs is one of our passions so we're really excited that we get to have this chance to show love to them," said Liz Dyvig, pastor of Mosaic Church in Honey Grove.

Across all 50 states, in 34 countries around the world, an unforgettable prom night was held for a special group of people.

"We found a lot of them have never been to a high school prom. I even asked a group of ours how many had been; I think one raised their hand. They'd actually gone. One had ridden in a limousine before. And for those who maybe don't otherwise go, this gives them that chance," said Dyvig.

She says the night is put on like a traditional prom.

"Walk the red carpet, limo rides, dinner, photo booth, and then followed up by music and dancing. They're all be crowned as prom kings and queens," said Dyvig.

A Night to Shine was started 6 years ago by the Tim Tebow Foundation in celebration for honored guests.

Guests like Jay, and Kassie with her mom Amanda. She says Kassie was excited for the music at prom.

"She likes to sing, she likes to dance," said Amanda.

It's their first Night to Shine, but they plan to continue creating memories every year.

"We might be in our wheelchair, but we're gonna shake it off, right?" said Amanda.