Texoma Red Cross honors life-saving volunteers, firefighters

Published: Jul. 28, 2016 at 7:26 PM CDT
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Certificates of appreciation were given to volunteers and the Denison Fire Department Thursday for installing 55 smoke detectors at Lone Star Mobile Home Community last August.

Little did they know, it would save a woman's life just eight months after they put them in.

"10:30 at night, the lady had put some grease on her stove to fry something later on," said Denison Fire Marshall John Weda. "She went to her couch to watch TV and inadvertently fell asleep while the stove was on."

The smoke alarm then went off, waking her up in time to extinguish the fire.

"(She) suffered some minor burns on her hands in doing so, but she saved her life," said Weda.

Because of their proactive measures, the Texoma Red Cross was given the Golden Smoke Alarm Award. In turn, they recognized the volunteers and Denison firefighters who made it possible.

"Feels good knowing that I actually helped saved somebody's life," said 16-year-old volunteer Jeremy Ross.

Ross said he's glad to help out because he knows firsthand how important their work is.

"About 3 years ago, my house burned down and the Red Cross was there to help us," said Ross.

"They're a great source, great valuable partner. We're glad to have them," said Weda.

The Texoma Red Cross plans to install alarms in Cooke and Fannin Counties next month.