Texoma basketball games honor Whitewright student fighting for his life

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WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. (KXII) Two Texoma basketball games have special meaning tonight as the teams not only try to win but try to help one of their own.

"We're going to allow kids to shoot a lay up at halftime and they'll pay a dollar to show support."

Layups for Larry is a fundraiser both Tom Bean and Blue Ridge Head Basketball Coaches came up with to raise money for a Whitewright football player who is on life support in a Plano hospital.

"He used to go to our school so a lot of our kids know him and they all run together and we just wanted to show our support and show really what Tom Bean is all about," said Tom Bean coach Wesley Chapman.

"All the money will go toward the family and the medical costs. He's been in the hospital since October. I believe he is taking up two ICU rooms so those costs are mounting up," said Blue Ridge coach Courtney Christenson.

Back in October 15-year-old Donaldson began suffering from flu-like symptoms. He's spent nearly two months in the ICU.

Now nearby communities began raising money to support him and his family.

"It's important for our kids to see you know this is how we handle when one of our community members goes down. I think its really important for them to see and its just the right thing to do."

Chapman and Christenson tell us Doctors have done dozens of tests but still aren't sure what Donaldson is suffering from.

friends of the family say he is on dialysis and continues to need the support of a breathing, heart and lung machine.

All things that critical care nurse and family friend, Rebekah Card, says can get expensive.

So she organized a benefit and auction.

"Just immediately the response was massive. Donations for the silent auction are about 150. As far as the food goes we have enough to feed 1,000 people which is just amazing."

All together, benefits throughout Grayson County have raised more than $15,000.

If you'd like to donate, contact Rebekah Card at (214)797-4470 or visit their Go Fund Me on the side of this website.

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