Texoma brewery affected by federal government shutdown

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- It's day 21 of the federal government shutdown, tied with the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, and a Texoma brewery is bearing some of the burden.

"So it's just kind of a waiting game for us to see what's going to happen," said 903 Brewers owner Natalie Roberts.

It's week three of the federal government shutdown. President Trump pushing congressional Democrats to agree to fund a more than $5 billion border wall.

"So I want the Democrats to come back to Washington and vote," said Trump.

And one local brewery is carrying the weight.

"We've got beers that we produced that are ready to go that we had planned to send to Oklahoma, and now we can't do that," Roberts said.

Due to the shutdown, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is closed.

Every label has to be federally approved before it can be shipped out of state. And since those employees are furloughed, the shipments are put on hold.

903 distributes beer from Southeastern Oklahoma all way the to Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Seasonal beers are also affected.

"We had doubled the production amount that we typically do so we could have enough to send across Oklahoma," Roberts said.

Right now, they're sitting on about 5,000 gallons of extra beer they're only allowed to sell in Texas.

That's about enough to fill up the gas tank in your car about 300 times.

Roberts said label approval for new beers takes about two weeks, but said it will probably take federal employees weeks to get caught up.

"And then once we get approval, then we still have to get state approval through Oklahoma which can take two months. And then we still gotta order everything, which takes weeks," Roberts said.

On top of all that, she said they're trying to get a USDA loan for a new facility, which normally takes four months.

"Add a government shutdown on top of it, it's really kind of put us in a holding pattern for our expansion as well," Roberts said.