Texoma counties begin preparing for mosquito season

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII)-- North Texas is known to have the worst part of mosquito season towards the end of April through October.

Grayson and Cooke counties have already started setting special traps to catch mosquitoes.

Which are then sent over to Austin to be tested for mosquito-borne diseases.

"It also helps the state as a whole track where mosquito's are, what types there are there, because different mosquitoes carry different disease," said Ray Fletcher, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Cooke County.

Ella Chiles lives in Sherman and she like several other people have began to feel the bites.

"The mosquitoes already eating you up, had some all across my face the other day," said Chiles.

"We're already starting to prepare to put the mosquito spray because he does get bit easily," said Erika Reyes, a Sherman resident.

Fletcher says recent rains have been conducive for mosquito breeding, although the ones that carry mosquito borne diseases the Culex and Aedes are often found around homes and populated areas.

He says the best thing you can do is to follow the D's.

Drain, Dress, Deet, and Dusk and Dawn.

"The emission from our body, that's how they track us, and so at those time of day when the wind is down and mosquito's are more active they can get closer to you," said Fletcher.

Standing water poses one of the greatest threats for mosquito larvae to form.

Wearing long sleeves can reduce being bitten, and possibly avoid getting what people fear in West Nile Virus.

Which is the leading cause of mosquito-borne diseases in the country.

"Most people do have a fear of getting West Nile virus, and that's understandable but most people who get West Nile virus never realize they actually have it," said Fletcher.

"If we can keep the water away, dress appropriately, put on mosquito spray and not get out at dusk and dawn we'll be fine."