Texoma grades President on night of address

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Texoma residents weighed in on President Trump's job performance, on the night of his first State of the Union address.

In News 12's unscientific web pole, 800 votes were cast as of Tuesday night's newscast. 40 percent gave the president an "A", 9 percent a "B", 3 percent a "C", and 4 percent a "D." About 43 percent gave the president an F.

That all averaged out to a "D+" for the president's first year.

"I give him an "A" for effort," Jamie Fackrell, an Ardmore resident surveyed, said. "He's really trying to do everything that he said he would do."

Others disagreed.

"Definitely an F," Another Ardmore resident, Brian Fuller, said. "And the reason why is because he's failed to make America united."

Some residents were impressed at his low unemployment numbers, dropping from 4.7 percent when he took office to 4.1 percent this month, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As well as the success of the stock market, up 35 percent since Trump took office.

"I like that he's helping us get more jobs and stuff like that," Ardmore resident Brent Jones said. "He's slowly but surely bringing the economy back."

But Fuller railed the president for what he called divisive rhetoric, when it comes to his stance on immigration and DACA.

"Disrespecting people in general," Fuller said. "Pushing the wall issue, as well as saying you know, you're going to make another country pay for a wall, and the constant division."

But with Gallup reporting a record-low first year approval rating for any president of 38.4 percent nationwide, residents hope things will only get better.

"The Democrats and the Republicans ought to come together and back him, and back us as a nation," Ardmore resident Debbie Holmes said. "He's just been there a year, and I think if we give him some time, and somebody gets behind him and helps him, I think we'll see other things happen."

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