Texoma has seen vaping-related lung injuries

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) In a recent study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over one thousand lung injury cases have been linked to the use of E-Cigarettes, and vaping products. The CDC says there are 18 recorded deaths in fifteen states, each associated with vaping.

They say this product of cannabis is not meant for consumption through a vape, and the biproduct of that makes people sick.

"E-Cigarretts are not as safe as we once thought they would be."

Dr. Sanober Kable, a Pulmonologist with Texoma Medical Center says she's seen cases of vaping related lung injury right here in Texoma.

"In Texoma Medical Center it's self, we've seen multiple cases of vaping induced lung injuries," said Dr. Kable. "Some of them (even) requiring ventilators."

Kable said many people believe vaping will help them stop smoking.

"So a lot of people use them as a replacement for cigarettes thinking that they are safe, or a primary mode for them to quit smoking." Dr. Kable said.

Kable said researchers aren't sure of the exact chemical that causes the injuries just yet, but they do know that the amount a person smokes, and the age at which they're smoking are all potential factors.

But assistant manager at Texas Tobacco Roy Weldon said the real reason people are getting sick, is because they don't know what they're smoking.

"Unregulated products and the use of any type of vaping tool, is unhealthy, that's where you're running your risk for injuries, and damage to your lungs, is using something that's not used for vaping." Weldon said.

Weldon said that anybody who is using these products should always pick a product that is specifically geared for their needs.

"Make sure that you're getting something that's above board, the products that your getting are being inspected by someone who knows what they're doing and not just off the streets." said Weldon.