Texoma indoor facilities see increase in business as temperatures continue to rise

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - With temperatures reaching the 90's in Texoma some folks are choosing to stay indoors to cool off this summer.

"Today's my daughter's birthday so we wanted to keep her out of the sun," David Pounds said.

"We're trying to keep them inside but also occupy them and make sure they have a good time this summer," Tamara Richardson said.

Owner of Ardmore's Urban Air Annie Harlow says they're expecting an increase in business this month after having a slow start in the beginning of summer.

"Which we anticipated happening because Ardmore is such a great place with outdoor activities - we have the lake, we have all sorts of fun things for kids to do but as it's starting to enter into July and the heat is really picking up we are starting to see our business really pick up," Harlow said.

Harlow says they've had up to 100 guests a day check out the indoor adventure park that opened in the fall.

"It's a great healthy activity too so your kids are not sitting in front of the video game, they're not watching TV all day" Harlow said. "They're being active, getting their heart rate up, they're playing with their friends, being social."

Harlow says they even offer specials throughout the summer and a camp where kids can spend either a half day or a full day having fun and staying cool indoors.

"It's nice and cool in here, beats being outside in the sun," Pounds said.

"We're having a good time and we are enjoying ourselves," Richardson said.

You can find more information about the the summer specials or the camp at the link: https://www.urbanairtrampolinepark.com/locations/oklahoma/ardmore.

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