Texoma restaurant, catering business bracing for major hit

POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - Stricter guidelines are in place to slow the coronavirus outbreak.

One of those is avoiding eating or drinking inside restaurants or bars and instead ordering to-go.

Jennifer Taylor owns café and wine bar Bon Appetit Y'all and just opened their second location in Pottsboro a week ago.

She said business is spiking with orders for their gourmet meals-to-go, but their catering business is taking a major hit.

"It's going to be a huge hit to our business," Taylor said.

Bon Appetit Y'all opened in Sherman nine years ago.

Last week, Taylor opened their second location in Pottsboro, which to their advantage right now only offers gourmet meals to-go.

"Thank goodness that we are just a to-go business at this point," she said.

Each week, they offer three meals to choose from in three different sizes that you can take home and pop in the oven.

"Those orders today spiked. We had probably double the orders that we're used to," Taylor said.

But Taylor said 75 percent of their business is catering.

"The biggest fallout for me in the last 48 hours has been my weddings and events," she said.

She said phones are ringing off the hook about changing event dates, and brides set to get married this weekend and next calling to reschedule.

"We've already moved some weddings to August and September," Taylor said.

One of her clients is shrinking her wedding guest list from 175 to 50.

Sunday the CDC recommended cancelling or postponing events with more than 50 people.

"I don't know what's going to happen at this point for the next month," she said.

She said another worry is finding a way to compensate her 10 employees.

"I'm very worried and stressed about providing that paycheck for all of our employees that are so important to us," Taylor said.

She said they're seeing a little less customers stopping by their Sherman location, which is also a sit-down café.

"People still are scared. But we are taking hourly precautions. We are sanitizing and cleaning everything, every handle, every surface," she said.

Taylor said if people keep shopping small, picking up food or buying gift cards, it will help small business stay open during the pandemic.

"I mean it's hard. This is going to be a really, really tough couple of weeks to get through," she said.

Bon Apettit Y'all also has a bar and live music venue opening next door to their Pottsboro location in mid-May.

They've already postponed two concerts until fall.