Texoma schools locksdown and evacuate after bomb threat

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KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) -- Kingston Superintendent Ron Whipkey says around 8:30 Tuesday morning, they found graffiti written on a toilet seat in a women's restroom at the high school. Superintendent Whipkey says he wanted to take precautions by evacuating both middle and high schools and putting the elementary school on lockdown.

"Take this again very seriously, although we had, along with law enforcement, felt like it's a hoax," says Kingston Public Schools Superintendent Ron Whipkey.

"I'm scared, I'm afraid for what might happen," says Kingston elementary grandparent Darlene Istre.

Two weeks after a similar bomb threat was made in a women's restroom at the high school, school officials say they've been checking for threats every hour. Superintendent Whipkey says after they evacuated the schools, law enforcement and school officials took a closer look at the graffiti.

"It was writing and it was very vague and it was referring to last week and they signed it at the bottom 'ha ha ha' and you know its just sad that some of our people today in our society want to do that to get attention," says Superintendent Whipkey.

An hour after the lockdown and evacuations, school resumed after Kingston Police swept through the buildings. School officials have covered the graffiti mark in paint. Istre says she wants her grandson to enjoy school and to not have his education disrupted by threats.

"I don't want him to live in fear, even though that's kind of the world we're in now," says Istre.

"We got a lot of great things going on here and our students have a lot of pride and all it takes is one person to ruin it for everyone," says Superintendent Whipkey.

At this time, school officials say they haven't caught the culprit ... and they might face expulsion from the school.

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