Texoma schools prepare for severe weather

Published: May. 6, 2019 at 12:47 PM CDT
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Texoma schools are no stranger to severe weather, and they have plans in place to make sure kids are safe when in their care.

"We have designated areas that are set aside specifically for bad weather," said Denison ISD Spokesperson Brian Eaves.

The National Weather Service advises all schools to have a plan in place for any kind of weather that may cause hard to students or staff, and to practice it.

"For tornadoes and stuff, tornado drill and stuff, we do it every two months," said Denison High School Sophomore Alexis Tello.

In Denison, administrators say the main concern is the students' familiarity with the plan, so that if disaster strikes instinct will kick in.

"What we do is we make sure that every student, every teacher, every administrator and every campus individual is aware of where the safe zones are, and we take the children to those safe zones on a regular basis and teach them the protocol for what to do in a bad weather event," said Eaves.

Tello has lived in Texoma all his life and says he's seen a tornado from a distance, so he appreciates the extra steps his school is taking.

"In Denison ISD I think we're prepared in general for any type of disaster that happens here," said Tello.

Denison ISD says if the weather gets too bad there's a plan in place to keep kids at the school until the storm passes.

"It is to some extent better to keep the children secure in a secure location where we know that they are safe and we know that they are protected as opposed to releasing them and sending them out where they're more vulnerable and more at the mercy of the weather," said Eaves.

Denison ISD says more often the district will just make the decision to cancel activities.

"It is better to cancel or postpone than it is to hope nothing happens," said Eaves.

Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

"It is pretty dangerous because if you don't know what to do then you're in a bad situation," said Tello.

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