Texoma soldier sings national anthem at embassy ceremony in Israel

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WHITESBORO, Texas (KXII) A Grayson County native sang the National Anthem at Monday’s U.S. Embassy dedication ceremony in Jerusalem.

Cameron Hubbard is from north of Whitesboro, but for the last year, the sergeant first class has been living in Israel working for the diplomatic corps.

“To be a young man who grew up just wanting to honor God and honor his country and he has walked this winding road to get to this country and ended up in Jerusalem,” Hubbard’s mom Cindy Auld said. “I was fearful. And he was not.”

Auld told News12 her son was told to sing the national anthem at the ceremony after he sang it an Independence Day festival last year.

“He’ll just do whatever he’s asked to do,” Auld said. “And in this case he was ordered so he’ll do what he’s ordered to do. And he’ll do it with pride and integrity.”

Values she said were instilled in Hubbard under his Whitesboro High School band director Pat Autry, now principal at Lindsay Elementary.

“The same Cameron that I remember: a great musician,” Autry said. “Took the responsibility very seriously you can tell in the video. He did a great job.”

Hubbard has served in the Army for 16 years, starting off as a lab tech before joining the diplomatic corps three years ago.

“It’s a reminder as I walk the halls here at the elementary school every day,” Autry said. “You don’t know which one of these kids is going to do something amazing one day.”

Hubbard's journey has been far from easy.

One of his first assignments was in Mali, Africa, when 170 people were taken hostage at a hotel.

And now he finds himself in Israel as Palestinians continue to protest. Dozens have been killed.

“He’s not a bit afraid. He’s just believes he’s living under God’s will,” Auld said. “I do have fears. I know that the protesters are legitimate. I just have faith. I just have faith that things will turn out okay.”

Hubbard couldn't get military clearance to speak with us on camera but said he is honored to have been a part of today's events and that he is “just a tool that happened to be lying around on the right bench.”